February 22, 2005


It looks like al-Jaafari will be the new PM of Iraq.

"Did you say a Jaafar will be PM of Iraq?"

Um, yes.

"Damn, Col. O'Neil's got more influence than I thought! Sure, who would say no if Teel'c was there to do the convincing, not to mention that Hottie Major Samantha.......Mmmmmm....I'd love to do quantum mechanical equations in jello on her boudacious..."

Are you done?

"Uhhhh....yeah, sure. Can't fault a man for getting hot over SG-1."

Yes you can. Plus, Amanda Tapping's character is a Lt. Col now, for chrissakes. And O'Neil is a general.


You should be.

Posted by Steve at February 22, 2005 11:00 AM
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