February 19, 2005

Law & Order dream team

Kathy links to a linkety trying to solicit the Law & Order Dream Team: after lamenting their descent to Law & Order: Special Desperate Nubile Mafia Housewife Unit, she goes with a pretty solid lineup.

llama and orgle.jpg

My only quibble is that she forgets the supporting characters:

Best police shrink..........without a doubt, the ever-scrumptious Carolyn McCormack as Dr. Elizabeth Olivet. Just say no to Dr. Skoda, the scummy prison Nazi rapist that he is...

Best background cop....hands down, John Fiore as Det. Parfaci. This is a critical job in the ritual that is the Law & Order script: the background cop always comes in and hands one of the detectives something at about eight minutes into the show, when they are having their first conference with their squad leader who is either eating (Lt. Van Buren) or thinking about not drinking (Capt. Cragen). If the background detective were on Star Trek, he would be the ensign killed in the first five minutes. As it is, NYPD is stricter about who it recruits, so the background detective does a better job of staying alive.

Best medical examiner.....for sure it's Leslie Hendrix in her continuing role as Dr. Elizabeth Rogers. Accept no beach-blonde substitutes: Leslie Hendrix is the one true heir to Quincy as the tee-vee sawbones.

But the actor who makes the whole show work?

Why, Steven Zirkilton, of course.

Posted by Steve at February 19, 2005 01:54 PM
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