August 17, 2005


Further proof the Cindy Sheehan saga has jumped the shark: Colleen Rowley is now going down to Crawford make use of a bored Washington press corps with too much time on its hands. If you recall, Rowley wound up on the cover of TIME as a whistleblower who criticized the FBI for its handling of the 20th highjacker. Colleen is now running as a Democrat in Minnesota's Second Congressional District, challenging a two-term Republican. Bill O'Reilly had her on tonight and told it would not be such a good political move, reading off a list of the left-wing wacko outfits who have highjacked poor Cindy Sheehan and have her headed for the proverbial trainwreck. Rowley seemed surprised and immediately went into having no agenda (why run for office?), describing herself as an independent (why run as a Democrat?), launching into 9/11 (I thought the Lefties said there was no connection between Iraq and 9/11? Why is she doing going to Texas?). Her opponent's attack ads will write themelves. . . Colleen is going to have her fanny waxed in this election--she has a TV personality of concrete, a voice that brings to mind fingernails on blackboards, and a demeanor that will remind every man of their ex-wife or their worst blind date, whichever applies.

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