August 19, 2005


Someone came here after googling up:

leslie stahl AND illuminati

Leslie Stahl in the Illuminati? No way.

Andrea Mitchell, sure, she's married to Greenspan and he's, like, the Grand Master Poo-Bah or something. And Jane Pauley---her husband's in Skull n' Bones, and they are all like down with the Bavarian Illshizzle. And they probably fake rushed Katie Couric---got her to get all nekkid and do weird stuff with a banana before hosing her down with beer and dumping her on the steps of her dorm or something.

Bujt definitely not our Leslie.

Posted by Steve at August 19, 2005 01:48 AM | TrackBack

My sources tell me that Stahl is being considered to replace the Colonel in the Pentaverate.

Posted by: Leopold Stotch at August 19, 2005 02:47 AM

I smell misdirection here, denying that someone is in the Illuminati is a sure sign they are in the Illuminati.

Posted by: rbj at August 19, 2005 08:37 AM

Katie Couric, nekkid, with a banana, hosed down with beer -- you realize, of course, how this image might burn into some of our brain engrams?...

Posted by: LDH at August 19, 2005 12:11 PM

And your point is........?

Come on, the image is so real you can smell the beer and hear the giggling!

Posted by: Steve the LLamabutcher at August 19, 2005 07:07 PM
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