February 17, 2005

Gratuitous Domestic posting (TM)

Lileks unloads on the evils of what I like to call Competitive Motherhood. Sing it, bruthah.

In a related episode, I overheard the three year old talking with the Butcher's Wife this morning about one of her classmates' domestic arrangements:

Llama-ette: John's Daddy's going to work?

BW: John's Daddy and Mommy are going to work.

Llama-ette: Oh......two Daddies?

This attitude is rayther funny, considering the Butcher's Wife does, in fact, work. But she teaches at the Llama-ettes' school and sees plenty of them throughout the day. Evidently, they (or at least one of them) do not look on what she does as "work".

Speaking of work, I was abruptly reminded this morning of something that had completely slipped my mind - that the Butcher's Wife is bugging out tomorrow afternoon for a couple nights to visit the home of Mr. & Mrs. Llama Military Correspondent and coo over the arrival of their New Lass. I had been so consumed with figuring out the intricacies of the local jurisdictional filing rules for a complaint I have to get in and planning for a fact-finding trip out West early next week that I completely forgot I was going to have the undiluted attention of all three Llama-ettes over the weekend. I will admit that I did not take the news very gracefully. As dearly as I love the gels, I am not equipped with the same amount of patience for dealing with them as is the Missus, especially when preoccupied.

Well, the good news is that my trip has been postponed. What with the Fed holiday on Monday and the ol' compressed work schedule, this means I get a four day weekend in which to romp with the gels and still reserve some time for recharging my sanity supply. (And in case you were wondering, yes, I did apologize to the Missus for snapping.)

Posted by Robert at February 17, 2005 12:46 PM

I still recommend the knee and shoulder pads along with the jock. Little kids don't think about where they poke that elbow, and they move awfully quickly.

Let the games begin!

Posted by: tee bee at February 17, 2005 01:22 PM
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