January 24, 2005

Super Bowl Blogging

If only I cared about the Eagles one way or the other, the whole business might be easier.

As it is, I don't and therefore I'm left in a bind. As a Dolphins fan of 35 years' standing, I naturally loathe the Patriots. At the same time, they are an AFC East team, so maybe I should be supporting them now. Tough call.

Perhaps the fact that one of the Fins' very few wins this year was against the Pats is enough to satisfy the Gods of the Divisional Rivalry and let me support New England. As I remarked to someone at a party last evening, any year in which the Dolphins can take at least one game off the Patriots can't be viewed as a total failure.

As a matter of fact, this is probably all academic anyway. From what I've seen, I don't think the Iggles have that much of a chance. New England is just too solid all the way around.

Posted by Robert at January 24, 2005 09:49 AM

Ok, let me say some. I don't want to *ever* hear you talk like that again. Snap out of it! The Patriots are the purist of evils and the fact that you can't see it must be because you've already been infected by their treachery.

As a Dolphin fan myself (age 5, got to meet Garo Yepremian, woo!) I can hardly stand to hear you speak such... gibberish! It's Eagles or nothing baby! Down with the cute (don't tell my wife) Brady kid! Down with the Belicheck Brainiac! Down with the freakin' snowbowls! Ok now... ARE YOU WITH ME?!?

Posted by: Paladin at January 25, 2005 02:17 PM
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