November 29, 2004

The other llamabutchers

In responding to a jibe from our old pal Jeff at Beautiful Atrocities, I did a quick google search on "slaughter spitting ruminants" and found that indeed there was another website for the llamabutchers.....

Dirt, soil, body discharges and excreta from animals in holding pens or lairages are the primary sources of contamination of carcasses in the later stages of the operation. This happens irrespective of whether or not the animals are fit and have passed antemortem inspection. In some establishments, the animals are washed just before stunning and bleeding. This step has the added effect of cooling or calming down the animals which factor is of importance in securing good quality carcasses.

For similar reasons, it is advisable to avoid operations on the floor. Hoisting during sticking, skinning, evisceration, washing and inspection is recommended in even modest premises, including makeshift ones. This, in effect, necessitates the provision of adequate floor space with suitable assembly of equipment to handle the animal bodies. In this respect it is advisable to have only a few workmen on the floor specialized or experienced in the various steps to handle the operations separately with quick and rapid dispatch. Where this is not possible or where floor space does not allow, the principle of separating dressing operations from offal cleaning ones must be strongly adhered to (Chapter 3)

If you add "and make sure you have plenty of caffeine, plus firefox, which has that cool multiple uncluttered browser page option" I think that describes my blogging pretty adequately....

Posted by Steve at November 29, 2004 04:36 PM

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