November 17, 2004

I'm Baaaaaaack!

Flew in from Memphis last night and dayum are my arms tired! (Ba-BUMP-Bah!)

I'll probably have a few thousand words to say about my fear and hatred of flying later on.

In the meantime, pace our faithful readers who threw several excellent-sounding suggestions my way for good places to eat, the spot where we actually wound up was a place called Automatic Slim's. It isn't at all a traditional BBQ place, instead focusing on Carribean and Southwest dishes (or shall I say "Carribean and Southwest inspired dishes," since no such cuisine as this actually exists in either place). But the place was cool (we sat up in a really nice mezzanine) and the food was great. I had some kind of coconut mango shrimp dish that really was outstanding. Best of all? Prices were reasonable enough not to blow a hole in my Guv'mint per diem.

(BTW, looks like I'll be headed to Mobile, Alabama in the next couple weeks. I spent a lot of time on the Texas Gulf Coast as a kid and developed a keen passion for fried jumbo shrimp and other such local dishes. If anyone can give some good dining tips for Mobile, I'd appreciate it.)

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