November 15, 2004

Hit and Run

Just dashing in to gather up some papers before I head out to the airport. I tried to do some posting yesterday, but my home computer kept crashing on me, no doubt in retaliation for what I had written about it the other day.

Thus, alas, no Sunday treats. However, not to worry. When I get back in town, I have all sorts of juicy and irrelevant stuff to tell you about including:

- Why I think Episcopalians will bend over backwards to embrace religions like Islam and Buddism, but have no trouble whatsoever sneering at Baptists and other Christian Evangelicals.

- Continuing adventures in competitive lawn maintenance with my asparagus-stealing neighbor.

- My psychotic cat's latest masterpiece of revenge.

Back on Wednesday y'all. Yip! Yip! Yip!

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