November 12, 2004

Some people will say I'm kissing arse, but I don't care

Michele is being vague and coy again:

I would really like to find the exact moment in time this stopped being fun. And I sure as hell would like to put the fun back in it. Right now I see the blogosphere as a stinking carcass of a once beautiful animal and all of us vultures are still picking at it, even though its festered with maggots and there's not much meat left. Which is when we all start pecking at each other, I guess. Frankly, you don't taste all that great. And you give me heartburn.

I hate not having fun doing this. I hate that it's become so much agita. Maybe there's a twelve step program for getting rid of my 2004 election season blogging malaise. I need to find a sponsor, someone who doesn't believe, like I do, that the fun has been sucked right out of this thing.

Seriously, girl, what do you really think? Don't hold back on us.

Just kidding--this part is for real. Michele, I enjoy reading your blog every day. It's delightfully funny and rich, and I look forward to it because you remind me of two of my cousins (who live around those parts) who I miss like hell and hardly get to see anymore. You don't owe anybody anything, least of all all the scum-sucking leeches out there (and this goes double for the people piling on INDC Bill as of late). Look, we're not NPR---we're not getting tax subsidies, no one is paying for all this. You don't like it, read something else, or go scour the internet for nasty porn featuring fat Romanian supreme court judges or something, or whatever it is that floats your boat. But there's no reason to bug and pester a blog because you don't like it, or worse, turn into a hectoring fan who demands to be noticed and be served. Not that we have that problem, I mean except for Rob's mom writing in to complain about my Kurt Russell fetishes (I can just see her saying, Robert, lambchop, aren't there any other friends from that Communist filled tofu eating school that you went to that you can do this computer bloggie thing with? Stephen is so pedestrian in his tastes...). But seriously, Michele, we love your stuff, and you don't owe us anything.

Hoo boy, I'm going to catch it now!

Posted by Steve at November 12, 2004 12:59 PM | TrackBack

I had some serious post election malaise but its starting to wear off. Unfortunately, I've yet to heal enough to get to the point where I have the mental capacity to leave witty comments. So....great post.

Posted by: Jane at November 12, 2004 01:59 PM

Amen. Exactly why you need to throw in some Romanian Llama porn. Keeps it interesting.

Posted by: Rusty at November 12, 2004 05:16 PM

Look at it this way: if Michele bags it, WE ALL MOVE UP ON TTLB

Posted by: jeff at November 14, 2004 12:39 AM
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