November 09, 2004

Spreading the love around

We're approaching the one-year mark the week after next, and one of the neat things now that we are starting to get some traffic is to see new and upcoming blogs show up in the referer logs. Long time readers know we've tried to support a wide variety of up and comers, which generates lots of interesting results (like for example last week, I was able to get Gordon the Cranky Neocon to put a severed horse head in my department chair's bed, which of course stunningly back-fired when I forgot I had just become Department Chair that week. Damn him for his precision and attention to detail!). Anyhoo, lots of folks (such as Dean Esmay and The Commissar) looked out for us when we were wee, so we try to return the favor.

Anyhoo, between now and LLamaCon2004, we'd like to feature a new blog(s) every day (or so). So without further ado, here are some folks you might see at the top of the herd sometime next fall:

Lorraine at American Lady

Lorraine's got talent and a razor sharp edge---kind of like a young Michele Catalano minus the Duster and the Boston tour shirts.

The Pirate King

Think all the sharp-edged hits of INDC Journal plus the schtick of Politburo Diktat.

But one that's definitely going to make it:

Morgan at NorthernCrown

Yip Yip Yip!

Posted by Steve at November 9, 2004 09:52 PM | TrackBack

To you new kids: there's nothing sweeter than a llama endorsement.

Congrats Steve-O & Robbo. I'll have a special one-year anniversary suprise for you soon. And no, it ain't another horse's head.

Posted by: Gordon at November 10, 2004 08:30 AM
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