November 08, 2004

Two things that are both amusing me as well as really starting to tick me off

This sort of stuff is what they call "bulletin board material" for the 2006 elections. Obviously Democratic elites think that we have A) very short memories, and 2) no access to google or lexis.

Anyhoo, here are the two themes really bugging me:

1. The anti-religious screed emerging from the left over the weekend (Annika has the details). Heck, I'm no holy roller---the original title for this post was going to be "My own personal Jeebus." I printed up a whole bunch of t-shirts once with a cartoon I drew showing Elvis, Jesus, and Bill the Cat cruising in a humongous Pink Caddy. And I work (but thankfully do not live) in relative close proximity to Lynch Vegas, Virginia, home of Jerry Falwell (and the home in Escape From L.A. of the capitol of a theocratic fascist Amerika) But it seems odd at least---particularly given the role of black evangelicals as well as Jewish Americans, not to mention Catholic Hispanics & Irish---for the Democratic elites to go koo-koo for kokopuffs over the role of voters who happen to be religious. This is not the way a Party trying to regain majority status acts---rather, its the collective reaction of Baby-Boomer Democrat elites who are finally having their Wiley Coyote moment: the clouds have cleared, Dubya the Road Runner has said "Meep-meep," and they are beginnning to feel the effects of gravity pulling them to the bottom of the canyon.

B. The rise of the Neo-Breckinridgian Democrats

We talked last week about signals coming from the left of essentially a Neo-Breckinridgian argument, named in honor of Democratic nominee in 1860 John C. Breckinridge. The Breckinridgian argument was basically that any victor other than Breckinridge would be illegitimate---echoing Eric Holder, if all the votes were counted the only real winner could be the Democratic nominee. If it was anyone else---particularly that vile, odious, knuckle-dragging Lincoln with his religious fanatic Republican theocons---the only answer would be secession.

One of the conlaw professor list-servs I subscribe to is en fuego with secessionist rhetoric, replete with all sorts of plans for "safe flight corridors" and the like. No talk of course publicly about their real plans for ethnic cleansing, to purify for example all of New York north of Westchester of all those odious Bush voters---do they plan on concentration camps? Or simple rustification a la Pol Pot, or reeducation a la Ho Chi Minh? Or will Bush voters in the newly departed states be allowed the chance to flee en masse before the angry militias of post-modern professors in pressed Banana Republic khakis weilding their $58 Smith & Hawken long handled pruning sheers because machetes are just oh so retro. It would be the first genocide sanctioned as a community service event by Whole Foods, the only time victorious militias would dance on the mass graves wearing Birkenstocks and heavy grayish woolen socks (the men and the women).

If I want to go high road with this, my answer to unite the two posts would be a long defense of Abraham Lincoln, and his use of religious imagery and symbolism to bind up the nation after the fallacy of the original Breckinridgists. But, alas, its Monday, I'm cranky, and so I'll go with the low road response: You and whose army, bub?

The guys at Powerline have some more thoughts on the secession theme, plus the new favorite of the left---assassination.

UPDATE: Can the Democrats be this dumb? YEAH! What we need to do is be more aggressive and assertive! We lost because we weren't mean enough! We need to tell those peckerhead fundamentalist mouthbreathers how full of crap they are! YEAAAAAARGGGH!

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