November 05, 2004

Llama Housekeeping Matters

What with the election and all, we've been putting off a pretty serious overhaul of our blogroll. But seeing that we're currently at #91 in the TTLB Eco-system with 726 unique links (in your face, Taranto!), it's time that we did something about it.

Basically, we've got four tasks ahead of us.

First, we've become readers of a number of new-to-us blogs since the last time we went through this exercise that have not yet made it on to our blogroll. Apologies all around. We need to put these good and deserving folks in.

Second, we're working on a better set of menu items. The Llama Cold Pizza category, for example, has become something of a catch-all. We think we are on to some humorous ways of splitting out our various blogsphere friends into other, slicker groupings, and currently are working on the allotments. Worried about where you're gonna wind up? Tip jar's over to the right.

Third, as our TTLB ranking indicates, we've been picked up by a whole bunch of other blogs recently, many of them just starting out. (I still haven't got used to the notion that someone else might be looking to us as one of the older hands in the 'Sphere. But our traffic doesn't lie. Very weird.) Anyhoo, in honor of all these folks, we intend to set up a recipricalroll, a reciperoroll, a separate column of folks who link to us.

Finally, I really like that thingum that you can put on your blogroll that gives little update notices when the other party has added something fresh to their site. I may have asked this before, but if anyone out there knows how one goes about setting this up, please drop us a line.

Yip! Yip!

YIPS from Steve: The other thing we need to do is reset our archive coding so that only that post pops up, not the entire page for the entire dang month. Anybody know an easy way to do this?

Posted by Robert at November 5, 2004 05:32 PM | TrackBack

If you're using Blogrolling, there's a setting on your Preferences that'll let you do that. I can't say about other means of doing a blogroll, though.

Posted by: Jimmie at November 5, 2004 05:48 PM

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