November 05, 2004

It's official!

Bush wins Iowa, putting his Electoral Vote total at 286.

We had predicted 286 in the Electoral College, but were short one seat in the Senate totals (Lisa Murkowski, who knew?)

UPDATE: Wizbang has a roundup of election predictions gone awry.

UPDATE DEUX: 59,459,782....and the Commissar has some thoughts on Shrub Chimperor exceeding 5 year plan of criminal reactionary Rove. In that vein, I have to report Comrade Pixy for undermining the morale of the glorious people's soviet!

Plus, The Brain is trying to google bomb himself to gain ownership of the google title of "blog machine." As Lord Worfin would say, "Not so fast, monkey boy!"

And to seal in the lunch time fun, the latest economic numbers are in and.......wait for it.......ACE HAS COWBELL!

The scary thing is, I've been dreaming of cowbell lately. I've been blogging so much my subconscious mind has become a perverted melding of the LLamas, the Jawas, Goldstein, and Ace (which sounds kind of like the JV lineup of a KISS imitator band). Goldstein, you say? Let's just say he's blown the lid on the greatest conspiracy theory of all time, how Karl Rove tapped the Secret Power of the Rosicrucians to steal the election. The Ring goes south, indeed.

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