November 04, 2004

What's next?

For the Democrats?

For the Republicans?

This is something I want to examine in greater depth in the near future. I'm pulling together some stats and trying to sift through the numbers to see if we can pose the question of whether the long-awaited "critical election" or "partisan realignment" has finally taken place. This will have tremendous consquences for both parties, and deserves some examination. (Irish Elk has some funny cartoons celebrating the Republican victory in 1896)

In the meantime, The Brain--floating disembodied in a murky glass tank, deep under the bowels of a major Amerikan land grant university---has some thoughts on what this means for the party of FDR, as does the Irish Elk, who is probably going to be feeling the effects of back-to-back mega hangovers experienced by the Red Sox fan and Bush supporter who lives in Gotham City. Reverend Pixy asks from Down Under whether the Democrats can avoid "the brain eaters"? (Unfortunately, he's not talking about Zombies, although that would explain certain of Bobby & Ethel's kids behavior.)

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