November 03, 2004

The dogs that didn't bark

I'm dead tired, and I still have to teach from 1030-1230, but I'm still in blog-overdrive mindset so I need to get some things out:

The dogs that didn't bark yesterday:

1. Widespread breakdown in the voting system

Like the brutal Afghan Winter, just didn't materialize. Made a good story to whip people into a frenzy though.

2. Osama bin Laden

I exhaled this morning around 6 AM, not realizing I had been holding my breath since last Friday. Heck, I've been holding that breath since March 11. And guess what? We've degraded AQ to the degree that they can't even mount a single attack somewhere in Amerika on election day. UPDATE: The Brain has some more thoughts on this point.

That's going to take a little while to sink in, but boy is it a big one.

3. The Redskins Indicator


4. The "Youth Vote"

So it turns out P.Diddy aint exactly Alexis de Tocqueville.

Rock THIS vote, bub!

And last


400K margin? Boy, was the Chimperor's brother working overtime photocopying fake ballot returns at the Kinko's on south Dixie Highway, right next to the Piggly-Wiggly and across from the governor's mansion.


What does this say about 2000? One, it points to the tactical brilliance of putting Joe Lieberman on the ticket then, and the asinine stupidity from a strategic perspective of keeping Joltin' Joe on the bench during the campaign. In retrospect, you can see how certain Democrats---I'm thinking Joe and Evan Bayh, in particular---were strangely absent from the campaign.

The second is that it points to the vote suppression effect of the networks calling Florida before the polls had closed in the panhandle. I don't think that was done in 2000 as an act of conspiracy or malice, just flyover metroliner blue state ignorance of Western Florida. The full real return of what the part of the state can do was shown.

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Nov. 3 - President Bush has claimed electoral victory over challenger John Kerry, but some observers suspect foul play by the blogging duo known as "The Llama Butchers".

Although final tallies have yet to be made in some areas, it appears that the Llama Butchers manipulated the election in order to achieve a Bush win. A map of the United States, posted on the group's website some twenty-seven hours before the polls closed, illustrates their strategy by showing which states they planned to manipulate in the President's favor.

The map matches the Election Day outcome perfectly.

Even in states with exceedingly narrow margins, like Nevada, Wisconsin, New Mexico, and New Hampshire, the Llama Butchers correctly "predicted" the outcome of the election.

Many election observers suspect foul play, noting the Llama Butchers' open avowal of their ties to Halliburton and a shadowy network known as the "Digital Brownshirts".

Additionally, a Peru-based animal-rights organization has protested the group's name, saying ...

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