November 01, 2004

election night party plans

Tomorrow we'll be liveblogging the whole durn day. Well, at least parts of it. I'm going to go vote after dropping the kids off at school, come back and cut the lawn, and since I know I'll be climbing the walls I'll probably sneak out and catch an early matinee of Team America. I'm starting to get jittery---not in a "oh shit I'm worried my guy is going to lose" way, but rather in a calm, pre-race sort of way.

What is everyone else planning? The Commissar is setting up one of his swanky liveblog chat rooms---get over there early if you want to avoid standing on the wrong side of the velvet rope. Michele of A Small Victory? Let's just leave it to her own words:

I hereby pledge that after the election is called, I will run naked through the streets, smeared with war paint, stinking of Jack Daniels and screaming obscenities at my neighbors.

I will do this even if my candidate wins because drunken, naked cursing is fun no matter who the president is.

That's my pledge and I'm sticking to it.

I'm wondering how long it will be before "and absolutely NO BLOGGING ALLOWED!" becomes a standard clause in those nosey-parker community covenants all the rage in the McMansion suburbs. Katie the Resplendent Mango has set up an extra-special blog just for election night: follow it for the usual zesty snarkiness with sharp insights that the Mango has become known for (like this gem where she bitchslaps Howard Dean).

Now that you mention it, I do miss Howard Dean......

Steve Green
's mantra seems to be eat like a liberal democrat, drink like a libertarian, vote like a republican. Check, check, and let's see, check. Meanwhile, Alan is manning the Command Post with the complete CP Party Pack. Is anyone doing the hard work of parsing the numbers for us? Right---New England Republican is on the job. Megapundit is hooking us up with a one-stop-shop scorecard.

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