October 28, 2004

Is That A Silmaril In Your Pocket? Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

Our pal Lynn over at Reflections in D Minor picks up an essay on Elf sex. (Insert your own Beavis & Butthead jokes here. Just think of the Google traffic this post is gonna generate! I almost posted this piece twice at Jen's place yesterday, but in the end figured she really wouldn't want that kind of attention.)

Really, tho, the essay culls material directly from Tolkien's writings to paint a picture of his take on Elvish birds and bees. Let's just say it's exactly what you'd expect from an elderly, deeply religious, Oxford don. Elves do not party.

One thing that struck me in particular was the bibliography at the end of the piece. Evidently, Christopher Tolkien has been bringing to light a goodish amount of the Old Man's material in recent years. I read Unfinished Tales a looooong time ago, but don't recognize any of the more recent titles.

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