October 26, 2004

Feelilng a bit groggy but more human

The past two weeks since getting back from St. Louis have, in a word, sucked. I've been drifting into a nasty little cold that took full hold at the end of last week, and I haven't been getting good sleep because I've been up late watching the %&#*@!@! Red Sox. My darling beloved has been quite supportive of it all, "I know, dear, it's important that you watch: the next time they're in the series you could be 56."

This is the type of love and support I get!

Seriously, though, I'm starting to feel a bit better. Last night I went to bed around eight, and slept solidly till around 2:30, when I shot up in bed wide awake. I think I was so used to be functioning on 6 hours that I couldn't process the idea of more sleep. Fortunately, after only about an hour I was able to fall back to sleep.

I'm feeling good about today: I've got a ton of things to do, but for the first time in awhile I'm feeling upbeat about knocking a whole lot of stuff of the to-do list. I'm sure it helps that today the sun is shining for the first time in about a week.

Later today, I'm going to start our daily countdown to the election with two of our installments: Paint it Red!, where we'll do a daily updated look at the electoral college as seen in the political futures markets; and "PANIC WATCH--Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail 2004" where we'll be looking for signs of panic and desparation from dinosaur media partisans worried about the viability of their candidate. Last, readers are invited to submit quotes for our "AXIS SULLY WATCH", examples of the most hyperventilated, hiding from the mice up on the chair rhetoric from Andrew Sullivan. Bonus points for correspondents who can update us on Sully's rhetoric out on the college speaking tour.

So until later, let me leave you with these quick links:

1. Whatever the outcome next week, today is the first week of---perish the thought---the 2008 Republican Presidential contest. Let me just say this: Republicans are going to have an awfully long memory about who is going all out for the president this week, and who stays at home and sits on their hands. Anyone not supporting the president this week by working tirelessly for Dubya's reelection can kiss future support in the party goodbye. Obviously, the people most on everyone's mind in this department are McCain and Guliani.

John, you can ride the Straight Talk Express right over a cliff if you sit this week out.

2. It looks like the dinosaur media is working overtime to deliver Evan Thomas' promised 5%. Oddly, that means real news stories that interfere with delivering their vote won't be covered.

3. Our Moo Knew colleague Annika plays Moe to Helen Hunt's Curly and Cher's Larry. Why I oughta.....

BTW, the picture Annika has up of Cher is priceless. Look for it in our next featured round of INDC Bill mocking....

4. Finally, sports. I'm having a mixed fall so far---obviously, the Sawx in the series is priceless, and Boston College beat Notre Dame like a red-headed step-child, so things are good. But, the Virginia Cavaliers--while having a good season so far--have to play Miami, Va Tech, NC State, and Ga Tech yet. And the Redskins have been stinking out the joint. I know, patience, grasshopper, and all that kah-RAH-tay dojo bullshit. But, all things considered, it could be worse: I could be a Chiefs fan. The Brain details the misery and agony of that experience. And in an unrelated development Reverend Pixy has resurfaced Down Under.

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