October 26, 2004

Axis Sully Watch

I know this is Steve-O's turf, but I can't help making this observation.

Yesterday, Sully was all over the NYTimes story about the 380 tons of explosives missing from the Iraqi ammo dump at Al Quakaa. He actually went so far as to accuse the Administration of "criminal negligence" in the matter. And here let me quote him: And, yes, "criminal negligence" is not hyperbole. Sullivan simply assumed that what the Times told him - that the stuff had vanished while the site was under U.S. control and that it represents a catastrophe of epic proportions - was completely true.

Well, it looks like this story is, in fact, total bunk, a sleazy hatchet job. (Ed - What? By the Times? Perish the thought!). First, the explosives appear to have been cleaned out before we got there. Second, this amount, while enough to do some damage, is chump change compared to what we have secured.

The question is this - will Sully perhaps retract his indictment? Or has he got the three-pronged lure so firmly jammed in his throat as to make this impossible.

Let me emphasize that I have no problem with people criticizing our operations in Iraq beyond pointing out that armchair punditry and Monday-morning quarterbacking are marvelous in their sagacity but rather useless for practical application. What I do have a problem with is people hurling around reckless charges, especially based on information from an organization with such a poor track record of late.

For shame.

UPDATE: Jim Geraghty has more on the incredible exploding Times story as well.

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