October 25, 2004

Someone's going to be disapointed

Look what google dragged in. I don't even want to know, buddy......

Also, we're under a Jennifer Millerwise assualt today----we're getting a ton of traffic for people looking for the apparently nubile regional spokeswoman for the Bush campaign who posts frequently at the official Bush Blog.

A tangent: going over to the official Bush blog I found this:


Now, you folks have probably figured out who I'm going to vote for, but heaven help me this sucker screams out for satire.

Anyhoo, back to the original post. This is a notice to all you Jennifer Millerwise fans and trolls out there: stop coming to our site googling for nekkid pictures of Bush campaign staff people! For the love of gawd noooooo! No naked pics of Mary Matalin, Jennifer Millerwise, or Victoria Clarke. Okay, the occasional soft core shot of Margaret Tutwiler, but hey, we're only human. But otherwise, no!

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