October 25, 2004

Turn to the Raaight!

I took off last evening from baseball in order to restore my nerves a bit. Instead, I watched Raising Arizona, which is one of those movies that I file in the "Must Watch Whenever It's On" category. Fortunately, it was running on one of the better cable movie channels, which means there was no editing or censoring.

For some reason, I was ready to laugh at everything last night. Dialogue like this kept setting me off:

FBI Man: Was the boy wearing any jammies?
Nathan Arizona Sr. : Of course he was wearing his jammies! Nobody sleeps naked in this house.
FBI Man: Well could you describe the jammies?
Nathan Arizona Sr. : I don't what his damn jammies looked like... they had Yodas and shit on 'em.

Just one of a thousand points of "heh".

One other thing. As many times as I have seen this flick, I never noticed the Mondale/Ferraro bumpersticker on Gale and Evelle's station wagon before.

That's got to be some kind of sign. Right? Right?

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