October 22, 2004

Asshat Watch

Well I've certainly heard about this sort of thing but I didn't expect to see such a blatant example:

I was driving home this afternoon around 5. At the corner of Great Falls Street and Old Chain Bridge in McLean, this jogger came around the corner. Without even batting an eye or missing a beat, the guy grabbed hold of a Bush/Cheney sign, yanked it out of the ground and threw it down. Just kept on going after that.

What class.

In case you're interested, he was tall and either bald or had very pale, short hair. He had very pale skin as well. He had a black knee brace on his left leg, a blue sweatshirt and red shorts.

And he was, of course, an utter dirtbag.

Actually, I'm not sure he was doing his cause that much good. Glancing back in my mirror, I saw the reaction of several people behind me. All of them looked horrified.

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