October 20, 2004

Why we love to read "Popular Sandcrawler Mechanics"

Lines from Rusty like this:

I saw Team America: World Police last night with the only other Bush supporter on the floor and a Chomsky loving lesbo (the real kind, not the hot ones on TV)--what better way to spend a night out on the town with the guys? No small task for a guy with three kids, but Mrs. Shackleford was so impressed by my birthday gift that she yielded to my endless whining about the movie. As I've already noted so many times, I've been waiting for this movie for months.

What did I think of Team America: World Police? One of the funniest movies ever made. The funniest movie ever.

I laughed so often and so hard that today I have a laughing hangover. I'm being totally seriously here. My body is literally--physically-- sore this morning. I don't think I'll be able to smile for a week.

Go over and read the whole thing, plus his Macktastic Rusty Wickedesque roundup of reactions.

Posted by Steve at October 20, 2004 01:37 PM | TrackBack

I'm totally serious. Take off for an extended lunch break and see this movie!!

Posted by: Rusty Shaackleford at October 20, 2004 02:15 PM

Tomorrow, grasshopper....

Posted by: Steve the LB at October 20, 2004 02:52 PM
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