October 20, 2004

Clark County to Guardian: "Pound sand, Mister Limey Poofter! And go see a dentist!"

Geez, it's not like we didn't see this one coming.

You know the conspiracy to keep the Chimperor in power to serve his Sith Masters at Halliburton knows no bounds: now the Guardian is in the employ of the CIA, engaging in counterintelpro agitprop designed to stir up an Anti-anti-Bush backlash....


This is getting like a bad Dan Brown novel (of course, that would imply that there was such a thing as a good one, no?): further proof the US of A and the Chimperor are in secret league with al-Quaeda, because of our refusal to nuke Fallujah.

Geez, there's no pleasing some folks....

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