October 19, 2004

Doing the Lambeth Walk

Here is the Windsor Report, a document just released by the Lambeth Commission on Communion in response to the firestorm that has erupted within the Anglican Communion since last year's installation of an openly-gay Bishop in the Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire and the adoption of a public Rite of Blessing of same-sex unions by a Canadian Diocese.

I haven't read the thing yet, of course, except for the forward and a couple of the accompanying statements, but I gather the general thrust is to put what amounts to a Temporary Restraining Order on all such additional Diocesian activity until Canterbury has had the chance to thoroughly study the issue.

In my own parish, my experience of Episcopal/Anglican use of terms like "study the issue" and "dialogue" is that they translate into "figure out a way to embrace the radical change without causing the conservatives to split away altogether." It never encompasses the concept of "asking ourselves if we've gone too far and, if so, working back to the status quo ante."

Yips! to the Derb.

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Rome is always taking applications.

Posted by: LMC at October 19, 2004 02:53 PM
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