October 18, 2004

Paint it red---Monday morning roundup

Okay, so it's not Monday morning here in the east, but I'm out of class and eating lunch and I think it sounds better than "Monday afternoon roundup." So there.

It's not like two hours doing first ontological conceptions of law and then prosecutorial discretion in formation of juries turned my brain to mush.

Or at least more mush than usual.

Anyhoo, without further delay, here's the roundup:

Physics Geek parses the question of what Sgt. Schultz would call "monkey business" in several polls. Why trust him? Hell, he's a physics geek, for heaven's sake, and to riff off of Officer Malone from the Untouchables musing about Treasury Agents, that's not something someone lies about, is it?

Zogby has it dead even at forty-fives, with seven percent undecided, while Rasmussen has them tied at forty-sevens. Gallup, you ask? Sorry. Gallup's about as composed as Paris Hilton smoking Ho-Hos and speedballing Ritalin. Gallup's about as reliable as Tracey Gold as the hostess at The Pasta Garden. Gallup's about as useful as Jenna Jameson at a political science convention. Gallup's about as dangerous as Wonkette via a PDA in a high school civics class. Okay, I have no idea what the last one meant, but you get my drift. In short: don't get up or down based on what Gallup's saying. And markets? We got yer stinkin' market based indicators right here!

What the heck does it take to be undecided in this race, other than the attention lavished on your civic virtue mojo?

UPDATE: Not everyone's getting increased traffic with the election season..... I think this one is worth the double whammy of the "Heh" AND "Indeed."

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