October 17, 2004

How would Axis Sully have stood in the election of 1864?


There was a day when Axis Sully would've taken heart with this and run with it---but now you can imagine him in 1864, as a jaybird abolitionist, explaining how only General McClellan can bring about true civil rights for the freed slave because Lincoln's policies of vacillation and accomodation---not to mention the horrors of the Union prison camp at Utica---mean that Lincoln needs to be sent back to the sticks, rube that he is. You can see Axis Sully raking it in on the college circuit, embracing the Irish Boston pols quick to trash the spending of money let alone extending civil rights to anyone who doesn't fit into their electoral coalition, all the while convincing himself---barely---that it is out of principle, and that Lincoln's inability to reign in his cabinet, his incompetence in the administration of the war, and his willingness to accomodate barbarians like that despicable Grant and the loathesome Sherman and the devil himself Phil Sheridan, instead of the tried, true, and dare we say erudite and well spoken (not to mention dapper) leadership of Little Mac. I mean, after all, McClellan finished second in his class at West Point, and Lincoln never went to school! Isn't the choice obvious?

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