October 13, 2004

Thanks for the Memories..

Michael Lopez at Highered Intelligence, a blog new to me, has an interesting piece up about the use of comic books and "graphic novels" to help encourage kids to read.

Michael is an admitted comic book fanatic and as I started reading the piece I cringed at what I thought was coming. As a matter of fact, I was pleasantly surprised - he raises some very sensible points.

What motivated me to link this is that it brought back to mind very clearly a blazing argument I had with my college girlfriend over whether Romeo & Juliet should be taught in comic book form. (In other words, instead of the original script, the li'l darlins should be allowed to enjoy the play in the form of picture books with "modernized" language.) I said this was preposterous. She couldn't see any difference - so long as the kids were reading, that's all that mattered. And as long as the basic plot went unchanged, it was still Shakespeare, as far as she was concerned.

You may decide for yourself what kind of judgment this girl possessed by the fact that she later volunteered for the Dukakis campaign in the belief that it would give her a leg up in Washington political circles. AAAAAH-HAHAHAHA!!!!

Yips! to Lynn S.

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