October 08, 2004

Pardon me as I'm having a Glenn Reynolds (TM) Moment

Signs that your blog owns you:

1. You get all nervous and jittery because the Truth Laid Bear has not updated the standings in almost two weeks and you're all, like, CRAZY because you're going to lose credit for all the beaucoup linkage you've been getting as of late!!!!!

B. You're sitting in an airport drinking a smoothie and wonder to yourself, "Ted, does this place have wifi so maybe I can blog a wee bit......?"

Anyhoo, if you happen to find yourself hanging out in the Pittsburgh Airport, there's a Ben & Jerry's where they make a nice berry smoothie. And the wifi is free.....

UPDATE: Gordon's having a Prince Spaghetti Day. Go over and say howdy!

Posted by Steve at October 8, 2004 03:58 PM | TrackBack

We need an internal investigation of TTLB. WHAT is going on over there? It still shows me as a platypus, & I'm sure I must be at least a goat or a llama or SOMETHING ;(

Posted by: jeff at October 8, 2004 07:39 PM

PS Please enable emoticons, thanx. ;p

Posted by: jeff at October 8, 2004 07:40 PM
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