October 08, 2004

Llama Road Trips

Steve-O is on his way to St. Louis, where I do believe he will be live-blogging from the heart of the storm tonight. I confess that I won't even see the debate - as soon as I get home from work and pick up the wife and childs, we are heading out for a long weekend at my brother's house in West Virginia. (Cue banjo music.)

No, no. Just a little fun. Actually, the Bro and his family live in Lewisburg, a charming little town just up the valley from the Greenbrier. It has a lot of big Victorian houses downtown and is chock-full of artist colony stuff like galleries and craft shops.

Getting there is an interesting trip, tho. Once you escape the gravitational pull of the Beltway, you take I-66 out to I-81 in the Shenandoah Valley. I-81 is a pretty busy highway. (I read somewhere that it has the highest per capita truck traffic of any interstate in the country.) But once you get down to Lexington, you pick up I-64 heading west into the mountains. As soon as you're on 64, you suddenly feel like you've fallen off the edge of the earth. No cars, no trucks, no lights, no anything. And you just keep going UP and down and UP and down. So maybe we should cue that banjo music after all.

Should be a fun weekend in a noisy, frenetic way - the Bro has three kids, a boy and two girls, all roughly the same ages as the Llama-ettes and the cousins all get on very well with each other. In the meantime, he's promised to watch the debate for me and fill me in on the results when I get there. The Bro and his wife are basically Neal Boortz/Dittohead Republicans, so I'll be interested to see what their take is.

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