October 06, 2004

Great. Just great.

As our long time reader (Hi, Mrs. Rob's Mom!) knows, we've been poking Andy Sullivan with a sharp stick for a while now for rhetorical perfidy.

Of course, this has its consequences, as I found out when checking sitemeter that someone found the LLama Shoppe after googling THIS.

So after ten months, we've finally found a subject we won't blog about....

UPDATE: As Ace points out, it could be worse....

We haven't chummed Google lately, so let's let it rip:

Cocoa butter fluffernutter Edwards' performance really sputter Olsen Twins kick in shins Mother Superior seven deadly sins Margaret Thatcher snob Book of Job out of hand throughout the land leather plether feather weather tether heather locklear Illuminati Dan Brown candy corn extra special Joan of Arcadia porn Michael Moore underwear Star Jones truth or dare bowl a strike leave a spare heinous traffic not a care
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and a partridge in a pear tree...

Posted by: triticale at October 7, 2004 08:43 PM
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