October 05, 2004

This is about football, but not the Dolphins

TMQ has more snarky references to the miserable Marine Mammals than I choose to count today, so we'll just skip over that bit. After cruising past the cheerbabe snaps, I was delighted to see that the New England Small College Athletic Conference made Easterbrook's Obscure College Score of the Week entry. To wit:

Colby 23, Middlebury 6. These hippy-dippy schools play football? Colby and Middlebury are both top academic schools, but known for excruciating PC. At Colby, instead of Saturday night parties, there are anti-globalization teach-ins with Peruvian chicha. Postgame speech of Middlebury football coach Bob Ritter: "Well boys, if I may use an inappropriate gender reference, you did not outscore Colby, but then the whole concept of 'most points wins' is an artifact of the patriarchal repressive social order."

Heh, indeed. Gregg knows of what he speaks.

I went to a NESCAC school myself, as did my brother the Doc. So I am delighted to report this other obscure score from this past weekend: Wesleyan 41, Hamilton 35. Ah, ha ha haaaa! In your face, John!

Posted by Robert at October 5, 2004 02:31 PM | TrackBack

Um, I'm assuming that's aimed at a different John? 'Cos my Texas Longhorns would absolutely flatten Wesleyan if their football teams ever faced each other on the gridiron.

Posted by: JohnL at October 5, 2004 04:55 PM

Yeah, I was giving my brother a hard time. FTIW, his wife is a Longhorn.

No disagreement about the relative team strengths. Hell, my high school team probably could have beat Wes.

Posted by: Robert the LB at October 5, 2004 05:10 PM
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