October 03, 2004

Does that make me the Katie Couric Anchorskank?

Gordon the Cranky Neo-Con runs with this gem, under the guise "What would happen if the bloggers took over the mainstream media?"


Does that make the Commissar our Don Pardo? Or is he the hyper-active James "JB" Brown of the Blog pre-game show? (Gordo, buyba, you're messing with the theme we were going to use for the Bonfire of the Vanities!)

Posted by Steve at October 3, 2004 09:49 PM | TrackBack

Hilarious. Love the little Jawa peeping over the console. BTW, I gave u guys another hidden link, see if u can find it.

Posted by: jeff at October 3, 2004 11:00 PM

Well, since this is obviously a forgery. I say Damn the torpedoes and run with the Bonfire of the Vanities piece!

Posted by: Gordon at October 4, 2004 07:44 AM

On a side note: You can't lose with Llamas. They photoshop so well and, well, they're cute.

Posted by: Gordon at October 4, 2004 07:45 AM
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