September 30, 2004


Kerry mentions draft, 1008. CBS News collectively pees in its pants. Personally, I'm waiting for Kerry to explain his policy on Darfur from this email forwarded to him by CBS which offers a plan to end the genocide, if only he'll send them his SSN and mother's maiden name....

Bush mentions always keeping an all volunteer military 1030.

Bush is rolling with clear declarative sentences, active voice.

Wrap-up in a bit.


Here's Reynolds, Hugh Hewitt too.

Ace of Spades is being perfectly honest and taking the night off (at least from blogging). So if Oliver Willis winds up with a flaming bag of poop on his doorstep, I know who I'm going to thank.....

calls it a draw, gives it to Kerry on points but has this beaut of a line about the Chimperor's demeanor: 的 have a country to protect, and the man I知 standing next to won稚 do it as well as me葉hough he値l tell you what you want to hear. And I知 tired of his listening to his bullshit.

Wizbang: oddly, not much debate stuff, but this gem: Mike Moore is coming to Charlottesville. Looks like a chance for me to steal some schtick from Bill and do some Moonbat research of my own.

Sandcrawler: Rusty's stuck at Tataoine Tech. But I'm sure we'll hear more later.

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I can NOT believe that someone in Whole Paycheck Foods yesterday walked up to ask Pep if he was Mike Moore!!! They must be wetting their panties in that town for Mikey to get there . . .

Posted by: Liz at October 1, 2004 10:57 AM
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