September 30, 2004

11--How much do you trust the French and the UN?

The next war question

Bush is bringing up Libya---good point.

He's chanelling Gary Cooper from High Noon.

What this coming down to is do you trust the French and the UN?

If Bush can hang the issue on that.......

Here's an oldie but goodie from the Llama files on this point:

kerry retreat small.jpg

10:01---cites de Gaulle in context of having world leader's whose respect you want. Harry S Truman's zombie walks in and bitch slaps Kerry.

Posted by Steve at September 30, 2004 09:58 PM | TrackBack

Wow, about 2 minutes ago the President looked as if he was ready to jump Skerry, and make him finally earn those Purple Hearts!

I wish he had...

Would a couple rousing rounds of

"Four More Years You Commie Mother Fucker"

be an appropriate 30 seconds rebuttal?

Posted by: DC Dia at September 30, 2004 10:05 PM
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