September 30, 2004

Okay, Okay! We Get it! We Get It!

Judging from certain, uh, subtle comments left here lately, it finally occured to us that INDCent Bill just might want us to vote for him in the WaPo's "Best Inside The Beltway Blog" competition. I quote you the latest:

.. ... ... kill kill kill kill kill ... with ussss ... againsssst usssss ... kill .... kill ... ... ... ... ...

We'd have picked up on it earlier, except Bill's got such a Kerry-like nuance about him.

Anyway, we went and had a look at the ballot. Bill's chief concern is taking down The-Blogger-We-Will-Not-Name-Who-Nonetheless-Has-Mysteriously-Reappeared-On-Our-Blogroll. Well, since this poll is presumably based on quality of blog content, as opposed to which blogger you'd most like to take to a latex convention, we'll be happy to go with Bill. You should to.

Now, speaking of nuance, you did notice Bill, did you not, that we *ahem* just installed a new tipjar?

YIPS from Steve: Just so everyone knows this bit of inside pool: INDCent Bill has declared a fatwah against all things Wonkette. Why? Because she's a no-talent skank, I guess. However, after meeting Wonkette at the political science association a month ago, and falling sway to her fetching charms and powers of persuasion, we have declared the Llamabutchers the official Anti-anti-Wonkette blog. Consider us the Salman Rushdie of blogs, if you will.

Still, we have now voted for INDCent Bill as "best inside the beltway blog" a total of 43 times (requiring too many separate logins and registrations, mind you). I'm actually thinking of assigning it to my classes, and have mentioned it on the radio when I did a call-in guest spot yesterday. But is that enough for INDCent Bill???? Noooooooooo!

Will he force a recantation? Perhaps the rack and hot tongs will do the trick---there is no mercy lurking behind the cruel heart of INDC Journal. Yet, even if I publicly recant my Wonkette-luvin' heresy, I will hang my head, look down to my lap, and mutter, "Eppur si muove!"

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I'm still waiting for the Wonkette-Michelle Malkin catfight. My money is on superbabe Malkin

Posted by: LMC at September 30, 2004 03:47 PM

Debate: Kerry did not win over the new Bush Democrats
Most polls show 9 to 15% of democrats currently favor President Bush. Senator Kerry had to win them over but failed to do so, no matter what the media spin on the minutae is.

The reason he did not is because of two very important mistakes:

1. President Bush pinned him to the wall on the "Global situations", which Kerry said whether or not he would start preemtive action. The President immediately kicked him in the shins by asking "What does the Senator mean by "Global situations", then when on to say he would protect America first and not worry about the rest of the world liked us or not.

2. The second mistake, and this may be greater: Kerry said we were wrong to be building Nuclear Bunker Buster bombs and he would immediately put a stop to it. Americans want us to have the newest and best weapons. This is his largest blunder.

After all the news media crowns Mr. Kerry, these two points will be salient.

The 9 to 15% of democrats have probably made up their mind to stick with the President and will not pay attention to the other debates.


Posted by: randy morrell at October 1, 2004 12:32 AM
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