September 29, 2004

Teaching While Intoxicated?

The Smoking Gun has a silly little story. Apparently, some margaritas accidentally were served to third, fourth and fifth graders at Alexandria VA's Country Day School. (The stuff was left over from a staff party and had been placed in the school fridge, where it was mistaken for "limeade" by someone looking for lunch drinks for the kids.)

What struck me about the story was the letter of apology sent home with the kiddies by someone called "Alexander Harvey IV" who styles himself the Head of School. Smoking Gun reproduces the doc. Take a look at it and bear in mind that this is a very pricey private school. You'd think that any parent sending a kid there would expect the very best for their little Jayson or Dakota. Mr. Harvey's note suggests to me that such expectation might be a wee bit overblown. The thing is poorly worded, grammatically incorrect and long-winded to the point of being nearly incoherent. Were a student to turn in such work, any teacher worth their salt would tear it to shreds immediately.

I'll be charitable and suggest that Mr. Harvey probably was disposing of the last of the offending beverage as he wrote this note. The alternative explanation, that the man is only semi-literate, does not bear worth thinking about.

Quis custodiet, indeed.

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