September 29, 2004

One Step Closer!

Announcement expected today that baseball is coming back to Dee Cee.

Peter Angelos can kiss my sweet Texas patootie.

UPDATE: But, Jim! What about the name? Well, Senators would be fine, of course, but I understand that name would have to be purchased from the Texas Rangers. So here are a few alternate suggestions:

-The Beltway Bandits -The Mixing Bowls -BarryBall -The Only White Guys In South East -The Congressional Pageboys -The Half Inch Of Snow Sissy Boy Panic Attack -The Blame Canadas -The Red Tape Rascals -The Washington Crack -Veto This!

I'm sure other names will come to mind.

Posted by Robert at September 29, 2004 09:39 AM | TrackBack

You forgot my personal favourite:

The Foggy Bottom Boys.

Who cares if they will be playing in Anacostia...

Posted by: The Maximum Leader at September 29, 2004 11:49 AM

DC Comics
DC Cab Company
District Attorneys
Washington Expose'

Posted by: cowboy blob at September 29, 2004 03:14 PM
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