September 28, 2004

Good for What Ails Ye


Heading out from the office in the middle of the remnants of Jeanne this afternoon. Bucketing rain. Six blocks over and one block down from the Metro, a wicked gust catches my umbrella and breaks its spine. Result: a thorough soaking.

On the other end of the Metro, I still need to stop and pick up a few things. Result, further soaking.

So. After the kids were put to bed, I took a hot shower and popped in my copy of Lawrence of Arabia. A great flick, not the least because of Alec Guinness's portrayal of Prince Feisal. One of my favorite Guinness quotes from the movie:

For Lawrence, mercy is a passion. For me, it is a matter of good manners. I leave it to you to decide which is the more reliable motivation.


As I had hoped, all those images of sand, sun and lack of water warmed me right up.

Years ago, I read Lawrence's Seven Pillars of Wisdom. I don't really recall taking anything away from it aside from the impression that the man was a raving egomaniac.

UPDATE: Despite all measures, it looks as if I've picked up the cold going around after all as a result of my ducking. So much for the virtues of cinematic healing.

Posted by Robert at September 28, 2004 11:05 PM | TrackBack

Too bad about the cold. Try some zinc nasal spray to shorten the symptoms, hot tea and tylenol to make you feel a little better, and a Makers Mark and water (no ice) at night to make you dream of little Llamas.


Posted by: Dan Patterson at September 29, 2004 09:01 AM

It's a myth that weather causes colds. Just sayin'.

Would you believe that I've never seen Lawrence of Arabia? I have my mother's copy of the DVD at home, but haven't watched it yet. Maybe this weekend.

Posted by: jen at September 29, 2004 10:16 AM

Thag you very buch, Dan!

Jen - I think you'd like the movie. Very long, of course, but unlike, say, Dr. Zhivago, the constant theme music does not leave you wanting to slash your wrists after the first twenty minutes. And lots of good acting. This was Peter O'Toole's first movie and he's fantastic. Also, Claude Raines turns in a slick performance. Omar Sheriff and Anthony Quinn are good too, if you go in for them (which I don't, really).

Posted by: Robert the LB at September 29, 2004 10:34 AM
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