September 28, 2004

Did Kerry in fact say this?

I think part of what galvanized the Swift Vet malestrom in early August was when Glenn Reynolds schleped over to an otherwise closed law library on a Sunday morning and took a picture of the page from the Congressional Record showing Kerry's "seared" memories of being in Cambodia on Christmas Eve, 1968, which of course turned out to be untrue. Why it worked was the picture of the text, which to me was much more effective---and damning---than say a link to the Congressional Record on Lexis or something. The proof was in the picture. I had been skeptical (to say the least) of the whole Swift Vet campaign until that point, but afterwards was much more open.

With that said, I'm going to try to amble over to the library at UVa today and check out the Congressional Record to check out this speech being reported about over at Real Clear Politics.

If it's in fact the real thing, say hello to the media story of the next week, at least.

On the corrections front, we quoted the piece in the New York Times last Friday by historian Doug Brinkley calling into question Kerry's "war hero" status. Brinkley now says he was misquoted out of context, that he was talking about public perceptions rather than his own belief which according to the article has not waivered.

(I have to scoot to the dentist, but later I'll provide the link to our original statement and his correction)

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