September 24, 2004

Hey Liz!

Let Pep know we found a great blog for him: Consent of the Governed, which likes to talk a lot about three of our favorite topics---alcohol, tobacco, and firearms. Lots and lots of firearms.

We're a big pro 2nd Amendment household, and I think we own somewhere in the neighborhood of 12-15 guns.

And I tell ya, if we can use glue to repel those invading Canadians, we'll be all set.

Posted by Steve at September 24, 2004 11:48 PM | TrackBack

Keep shooting, Tex. My 9mm Baretta goes with me to the indoor range over Superior Pawn on Virginia Beach Blvd. every month to keep my skills up in the event my Reserve thing becomes more than one weekend a month.

Posted by: Llama Military Correspondent at September 25, 2004 08:23 AM

He's really more into the nuclear weapons, but I guess firearms will have to do ...

Posted by: Liz at September 25, 2004 06:03 PM
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