September 24, 2004

It's A Nuance Thing

Mom's Favorite Columnist, Charles Krauthammer, sticks it to Kerry over his arrogant treatment of our allies this morning. Fingers crossed on the Australian presidential election - an Aussie pullout now would be disastrous. As Krauth notes, it looks like the Kerry camp is doing what it can to make this a reality.

Bear in mind that when Kerry talks about bringing in other nations to help in Iraq, he really just means the French. Can you say it with me again, Senator? France is not our Ally. France is NOT our Ally! FRANCE IS NOT OUR ALLY!!

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While Chirac makes speeches at the UN proposing a global tax on financial transactions, greenhouse gas emissions, arms sales, airline tickets and credit card purchases supposedly for reducing world poverty, the France2 news refers to the campaign as "the campaign against Kerry". Yet one more reason to vote for Bush.

Posted by: Fausta at September 24, 2004 11:24 AM
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