September 16, 2004

Holy crap!


This is the money shot image from the latest ad.

Are they out of their freakin' minds????????

The 1968 Riot at the Democratic Convention cost the Democrats their place as the majority party in American politics. In the thirty six years--an entire generation!--since the Yippies let go with their rage at the Hubester and Mayor Daley (the old reptilian one) the Democrats have earned more than 50% of the total vote in a presidential election once. 1976, and that was in retrospect an anomaly of Watergate.

This one ad might cost them the next thirty six years.

Because it sure as hell is going to cost them the presidency as well as the Senate seat of Tom Daschele.

Forget Duke in the Tank--this is as if Goldwater's own people had put out the Daisy/Nuke ad themselves.

For. the. love. of. gawd. how. stooooopid. are these people?

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