September 16, 2004

A meme takes off

Jeff Goldstein picks up on our Dan Rather/Mark Fuhrman evidence planting theme by playing with its corollary: what's the Johnny Cochrane defense?

We had started the ball rolling with "If the typeface don't kernel, they didn't come from the Colonel."

Goldstein adds: "If they were done in Word, your defense is absurd!"

Commenator Fat.Elvis: "If the pajamas do not fit, you must acquit!"

Feel free to join in the madness.

UPDATE: Jeff has over 50 commentators joining in the Johnny Cochrane fun!

I just want to take a minute to editorialize for a sec: we're getting a huge traffic surge from Jeff's Johnny Cochrane bit, which he gives us credit back to our original "Dan Rather Uses the Mark Fuhrman Defense" post. It's what we call a secondary or tertiary Instalanche---Glenn links to Jeff, who linked to us, next thing you know, badda-boom badda-bang you've got Police Captain brains all over your nice Ivy league suit. Wait, that's Sonny Correlone. But you get the point.

What I'd like to think is the difference between your humble Llamas and certain OTHER bloggers I could name is that certain OTHER bloggers would spend the next week pouting and sulking about that Glenn didn't link them directly, like somehow the top ten bloggers owed them traffic or something. Get. Over. Yourself! Whereas your humble Llamas looked at the sitemeter report and broke into the "The Linkety-Bling Bling is the Thing-thing" merry traffic dance (which, set to the soundtrack of Oceans Eleven, is a cross between "The Hustle" and an epileptic seizure).

We're not too proud to admit we're link whores!

As to the whole "affair de Wonkette" my advice to you is taken from that ancient Stoic philosopher Sgt. Hulka: "Lighten up, Francis." I mean seriously, lighten up folks. Wonkette stole from your site? Hello? That's what she does, for chrissakes! Plagiarism, deviant sex jokes, and strawberry-blonde smiles are what she does: reading Wonkette is basically like reading the blogging of Howard Kurtz's naughty au pair. Sex and public policy, who wouldda thunk it? Take it as the compliment it is, and leave it at that. I mean, you don't want to start sounding like the Larchmont Episcopal Junior League biddies with their (starched) shorts in a twist because Martha Stewart just lifted their creme de menth chili cheese fries recipe.

And no one should take my defense here of Wonkette as having ANY relationship to my recent business venture of setting up her live viewer request cam shows (which, as the server will be in the island nation of Nairu we'll avoid all sorts of pesky Mann Act issues). Or the DVDs. Definitely not the DVDs. (Trust me, the Wonkette version of "I'm just a Bill, sitting here on Capitol Hill" sizzles....) No siree. You can preview it at Capitol Hill Skanks, our new blog dedicated to all the naughty things in the Evil Dr. Spock Universe inhabited by Wonkette.

If the web teaches us one thing, it's that mockery is Kryptonite to pretension. (And plagiarism is its cabana boy!)

Want to be a contributor at Capitol Hill Skanks? Drop the Llamas a line in the Tasty Bits(TM) Mail Sack (complete with pics, of course!)

UPDATE: The blogger with a heart of gold! See, I told you so. Wonkette emails us:

i do all my links that way... it's not an intentionally hard to see link. and i totally give him snuggily studmuffin of an Andean pack animal!

Okay, so the last part I made up, but the rest is real!

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