September 08, 2004

Another Torpedo In The Water, Captain! is the site of a group of former POW's that has been putting together a documentary about how "Hanoi John" Kerry's war record directly affected them.

A couple of these guys have already spoken out, I believe. The film they're putting together looks like one-stop shopping for all your Kerry-bashing needs. I gather it makes its debut tomorrow morning here in Washington.

This is far, far worse than either a) squabbling over Kerry's medals or b) looking for gaps in Dubya's National Guard service records.

Geesh. At first I thought Kerry was playing a gutsy game making his Vietnam service the focal point of his campaign. Now it's beginning to look more and more like the man is playing Russian Roulette with an automatic pistol.

Yips! to Kate O'Beirne over in The Corner.

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