September 06, 2004

Next up for Roger Cossack

What with the Eagle County D.A.'s office blowing the prosecution of Kobe Bryant, it looks like the Court Tee-vee pack of jackals are going to have to invest in some flak jackets and guides to where to get lattes in the green zone:

(from the Arab News)

BAGHDAD, 6 September 2004 — Iraq’s interim government said yesterday that toppled leader Saddam Hussein and his top aides would go on trial within weeks and announced the capture of Saddam’s trusted lieutenant Izzat Ibrahim Al-Douri. However, the commander of the Iraqi National Guard, whose troops were reported to have battled with Ibrahim’s supporters, denied knowledge of any such operation in the area and the US military said they had no information on the capture of the sixth most wanted Iraqi on a list of55 .

Iraqi Minister of State Kasim Daoud told a news conference in Kuwait City after talks with top officials that “Saddam Hussein and his band will stand trial within a period of weeks.”

Asked if the United States will play any role in the trials, he said: “We have barred the US government from playing a role. How can we allow a foreign government to have a role in Saddam Hussein’s trial? No... Saddam Hussein will be tried by the Iraqi judiciary and it will issue its just sentence against him.”

In mid-August, Iraq’s Interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi urged an Iraqi court to speed up proceedings against Saddam. Saddam was arraigned before an Iraqi judge on July 1 and charged with crimes against humanity. Several of his top aides also appeared separately before the same judge for their arraignment.

This begs the question--Saddam and his band? I thought Wings had broken up years ago...

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WMDeeeeeees across the water (water)
WMDeeeeeees across the sky

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