September 03, 2004

Cat Blogging

Take a look at this picture of Jessica Duchen's cat Solti (as in Sir Georg, one of the best conductors of the 20th Century).

I bring this up because Solti is a dead ringer for one of our cats named Jeeves. As some of you may know, I don't like Jeeves very much. He's fussy and vindictive. He bites the kids when they get too close. He yaks his din-dins all over our nice rugs and every night after we go to bed he wanders the house moaning like a lost soul. (It isn't because we lock him in anywhere. We don't. He has the run of the place. He yowls because we're all upstairs and he wants us downstairs.) Indeed, every evening when I get home he starts yowling at me to sit down so he can jump into my lap. Not because he really likes me, you understand, but rather because he thinks I'm his own personal property.

In fact, the damn cat is jealous of anyone else getting between him and me. This is rather ironic, considering that I am the one in the family who likes him least of all.

Anyway, all this is by way of an offer to Jessica: if you would like a Solti lookalike in order to make a nice matched set, say the word and I'll toss Jeeves into a FedEx box.

UPDATE: Of course, as Jessica gently points out, I muffed Sir Georg's name. Now corrected. Sorry 'bout that. Dang ferriners and their weirdo spelling!

As someone asked, yes, we did have a cat named Bertie. He came from the same litter as Jeeves and was the sweetest and most intelligent cat I've ever met. (I forgot to mention earlier that Jeeves is also an idiot.) Alas, Bertie died of a stroke when he was about two years old.

Our other cat now is named Jenny. (Short for Jennyanydots. T.S. Eliot's "Gumbie Cat" was a great bedtime favorite when I was very young.) Jenny is extremely friendly. However, she ain't exactly discriminatin', if you know what I mean. My sister calls her "Jennyanybody".

Posted by Robert at September 3, 2004 01:29 PM | TrackBack

Do you have a Wooster as well?

Posted by: Brian B at September 3, 2004 05:29 PM

Solti asks me to tell you that it's Sir GEORG, with no E at the end, and that much as his owners would love to have alternative cats around too, he wouldn't take kindly to that at all. Nor would Jeeves be too pleased by the UK quarantine laws!

The resemblance in character, as well as appearance, is striking. Except that Sir Georg won't do laps. He says it's not in his contract.

Moral: never name your cat after a conductor!

Glad he's having his own 15 minutes of fame, though. Thanks!


Posted by: Jessica at September 3, 2004 05:33 PM

Beg pardon.

Brian - yes, in fact Jeeves had a brother named Bertie who was the sweetest animal you ever met. Unfortunately, Bertie was born with a dicky heart and died of a stroke when he was about two.

Posted by: Robert the Llama Butcher at September 3, 2004 06:58 PM

The good die young.

I live in constant fear that my dog will die young, irrational but with an excuse:

Posted by: Brian B at September 3, 2004 08:32 PM
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