September 02, 2004

Not That The Llamas Are Biased or Anything

Okay, Robbo's Rule of Memes: When I see it more than once in the space of a day, I have to get in on it.

So here's a twofer.

First, the John Kerry Loyalty Quiz.

My result? 0 out of 10:

Your score is 0 on a scale of 1 to 10. You hate John Kerry with every fiber of your being. He is the embodiment of everything you despise in a politician: a weak, liberal, flip-flopping, elitist, condescending appeaser who threatens all that is good and decent in America. Worst of all, you think he looks French.

Well that's pretty definitive.

And now, the George W. Bush Loyalty Quiz.

My score? 9 out of 10.

You are a True Believer in President Bush. Your loyalty and devotion to him is matched only by your desire to see his liberal detractors locked away and declared enemy combatants. If all Americans thought as you did, and were it constitutionally viable, George W. Bush would be president for life.

I'll give you all time to recover from your shock.

Yips! to The Inpenetrable One and Jen(nifer) .

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