September 01, 2004

Actually, Maybe They SHOULD Panic

He of the Vodka, shaker and chilled glass links to and quotes Josh Marshall's attempt to get the Donks to keep calm, also indulging in a little well-earned "I told you so"-ing along the way.

Actually, I think Josh is half right and half wrong, while Stephen is definitely on the right track. Josh believes the recent signs of panic are simply par for the course with the Dem mentality, but I think it goes farther than that this year. Why? Because the Dems are trying to pull a fast one - they've nominated a dovish liberal who, on the basis of nothing but a few months of combat 35 years ago, is trying to convince the American public that he'd be a bona fide Wartime President. In other words, to modify Stephen's metaphor just a bit, they're trying to win the pot on a pair of twos.

The Donks know perfectly well that Kerry's campaign strategy is a fraud. Their worst nightmare is that the Voters will see right through it and call 'em. From recent poll numbers and other signs, it looks like this is beginning to happen. Yeah, I'd probably start getting the heebie-jeebies too.

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